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Architectural Technology
Tool Lists for Architectural Technology

updated May 5, 2017

(.pdf, 108K)

Updated on 5/11/2017

(.PDF, 111K)
Automotive Technology
Tool list for Automotive Technology

Download this requirement sheet before viewing any of the tool lists below.

(.pdf, 47K)

(updated 5/14/2014)

(.pdf, 51K)
Business Administration
Tool Lists for Business Administration
(.pdf, 55K)
Cabinetmaking & Wood Technology
Tool Lists for Cabinetmaking & Wood Technology
(.pdf, 199K)
Carpentry Technology
Tool Lists for Carpentry Technology
(.pdf, 2480K)
Collision Repair Technology

Tool List for Collision Repair Technology

Updated 4-18-18

(.xlsx, 15K)

Updated 4/18/2018

(.pdf, 182K)
Computer & Network Systems Administration
Tool Lists for Computer & Network Systems Administration
Construction Electrician

Tool list for Construction Electrician


(.docx, 15K)
Electrical Technology
(.xlsx, 9K)
Electronic Engineering Technology
(.pdf, 26K)
Electro-Mechanical Technology
Engineering Computer Aided Drafting Technology

Updated 4/11/18

(.xlsx, 17K)
Graphic Communications & Printing Technology
Tool list for Graphic Communications & Printing Technology
(.pdf, 49K)
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning - Refrigeration
Tool list for HVAC
Machine Tool and Computer Aided Manufacturing
Tool list for Machine Tool and Computer Aided Manufacturing 

(updated 04/05/2018)

(.pdf, 245K)
Masonry Construction Technology
Tool list for Masonry Construction Technology

updated July 28, 2014

(.pdf, 86K)
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Tool list for MET

Complete list of all required tools for Fall 2017 (updated 5/9/2017)

(.pdf, 184K)
Metals Fabrication and Welding Technology
Tool list for Metals Fabrication and Welding Technology
(.pdf, 126K)
Plumbing Technology
Tool list for Plumbing Technology
Residential Remodeling
(.pdf, 25K)
Water and Environmental Technology
Tool list for Water and Environmental Technology

First Year Students, click the link above for the full tool list.

Second Year Students will need Mechanic's Tool Set
(Comparable to this set)

(.pdf, 39K)
Welding Technology

Updated on 8/16/2016

(.pdf, 190K)