Architectural Technology

Tool Lists for Architectural Technology

updated 6/1/2022

(.pdf, 149K)

Updated 6/1/2022

(.pdf, 72K)

Automotive Technology

All tools for the 2022-2023 Academic Year will be provided to Automotive Technology students (freshmen & sophomore). Students are not required to purchase tools.

Automotive Technology Tool List

(.docx, 11K)

Business Administration

Tool Lists for Business Administration

Updated 08/10/18

(.pdf, 196K)

Cabinetmaking & Wood Technology

Tool Lists for Cabinetmaking & Wood Technology

Carpentry Technology

Tool Lists for Carpentry Technology

Updated 06/13/18

(.pdf, 132K)

Civil Engineering Construction Technology

Updated 7/25/2022

Collision Repair Technology

Tool List for Collision Repair Technology

Updated 7/23/19

(.xlsx, 9K)

Updated 8/8/2019

(.pdf, 97K)

Computer Integrated Machining

Tool list for Computer Integrated Machining


(updated 7/5/2022)

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Computer & Network Systems Administration

Tool Lists for Computer & Network Systems Administration

Computer Software Engineering

Diesel Technology

Updated 7/26/2022

Electrical Construction and Maintenance

Tool list for Construction Electrician


Updated 6/21/2021

(.docx, 13K)

Electronic Engineering Technology


Updated 7/20/2022

(.pdf, 109K)

Electro-Mechanical Technology

Engineering Computer Aided Drafting Technology

Updated 7/7/2022

(.pdf, 19K)

Graphic Communications & Printing Technology

Tool list for Graphic Communications & Printing Technology

Updated 7/25/2022

(.pdf, 13K)

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning - Refrigeration

Tool list for HVAC

Updated 7/1/2021

(.pdf, 114K)

Masonry Construction Technology

Tool list for Masonry Construction Technology

updated 7/27/2022

(.pdf, 111K)

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Tool list for MET:

All tools and books are available from the college bookstore.  For more information on purchasing these items, contact the bookstore directly.

Metals Fabrication and Welding Technology

Tool list for Metals Fabrication and Welding Technology

Updated 7/8/21

(.xlsx, 13K)

Plumbing Technology

Tool list for Plumbing Technology

Residential Remodeling

(.pdf, 25K)

Water and Environmental Technology

Tool list for Water and Environmental Technology

Updated 6/21/2021

(.pdf, 52K)

Welding Technology