Counseling & Accessibility Services

Students may seek counseling for mental illness, depression, stress, anxiety, family and relationship difficulties, grief and loss, substance use, poor academic performance or a particular life situation.  Students may be referred to the counselor by any individual on campus who has observed changes in the student’s personal appearance, mood, or behavior. In situations where the students safety or others safety is in question, counselors will share information with key campus personnel and make referrals as necessary. In situations where a student would benefit from more intensive services, the student will be referred to a community based provider.


Coronavirus Mental Health Resource Guide

Across the nation, people are dealing with sudden changes to their regular schedules and feelings of uncertainty and anxiety, and even loss and grief, as a result of COVID-19. It’s completely expected and appropriate to experience fear during situations like these. It’s also important to know how to manage overwhelming anxiety and keep perspective as the situation unfolds. Here are some resources and tips that may be helpful to you during this time.


The JED Foundation Mental Health Resources


ULifeline Self Evaluator and Mental Health Resources for College Students


Coping with Grief and Loss PowerPoint