Disability information is protected information; therefore, the student must disclose and personally request accommodations.   Further, individuals within the campus community are only informed of a student’s disability on a “need to know” basis.  As accommodations are provided through coordination with various offices and individuals on campus, the student signs a service agreement acknowledging their responsibilities and the procedure for obtaining accommodations.  The provision of accommodations is confirmed through the signed Approved Accommodations Form (Click Here) that is taken by the student to each instructor and service provider as is appropriate at the start of each semester. 
Students with Disabilities who wish to request accommodations are required to disclose to the Counselor/Disabilities Coordinator. It is recommended that students disclose before May 1 to allow time to arrange for accommodations, and to schedule a Transition Interview prior to the start of their first semester.  Specific documentation is required to document a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the 2009 Amendment Act. (ADAAA).  Documentation must be current, and provide evidence of a disability that affects a major life activity.  Further students may be diagnosed with a disability, but must also be “otherwise qualified” for their program of study. Otherwise qualified is defined by ADA as able to perform essential skills with or without accommodations.  Therefore, specific accommodations may be cited in provided documentation; but not considered reasonable, as accommodations in college may not alter the pace, content or essential skills required for a course or program of study.