The purpose of Pre-Major education at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology is to meet the needs of underprepared students and to prepare them for postsecondary academics and entrance into technical programs. In alignment with the mission of the college, the division of Pre-Major education is committed to bridging educational gaps, sustaining collegiate endeavors, and encouraging a devotion to lifelong learning.

Pre-Major education comprises three academic essential areas: reading, writing, and mathematics. All courses are designed to strengthen basic skills and have varying degrees of entry.   All PreMajor students also take (CP 011) Career Preparation I (lab exploration) , (DSOC 010) Success Strategies and (DSOC 011) Success Computer Lab.   Students earning at least a “C” in their Pre-Major reading, writing, and mathematics courses are permitted to advance to the next level of course work and/or enroll in their desired technical programs in the fall. Students enrolled in the yearlong program are required to take (CP 012) Career Preparation II (lab exploration). A grade of C- is not considered passing for PreMajor courses.

All Pre-Major education courses are calculated in the students’ overall course loads and applicable in determining full-time or part-time status and meeting financial aid standards. However, credit hours earned do NOT tabulate toward graduation credits and are considered foundational courses.  Students earn a grade point average that is based on their overall cumulative level of performance in each course.  Grade point averages in Pre-Major education courses remain separate from those earned in college level courses.

PreMajor students typically take 15 credits per semester. If there is room in the schedule, a student may take an undergraduate level general education course in an area where remediation is not needed.

Student placement in Pre-Major education courses is based on high school performance, ACT scores, PSSA results, and/or the College Success test.  Upon completion of PreMajor classes, students must retake the College Success test and earn a passing score. A waiver is granted if a student earns a grade of "B" or higher in that class.

Pre-Major/College Preparatory Courses
As a prerequisite of academic courses and technical programs, students in Pre-Major reading, writing, and mathematics are required to earn at least a ‘C’ grade. Click here to see full course descriptions. 

DENG 025 – Basic Reading I: Development and improvement of reading skills. 
DENG 026 – Basic Reading II: Continuation of development and improvement of reading skills. 

DENG 020 – Basic Writing I: Intensive review and drill in grammar, usage, and sentence/paragraph construction. 
DENG 021 – Basic Writing II: Intensive review and drill in grammar, usage, and sentence/paragraph construction. 

DMAT 010 – Fundamentals of Mathematics: Development and improvement of foundational math skills. 
DMAT 030 – Introduction to Algebra: Development and improvement of algebra skills required in vocational/technical occupations.

DSOC 010 – Success Strategies: Development and improvement of skills and strategies associated with collegiate success.

DSOC 011 - Success Computer Lab: Development and improvement of computer skills in Microsoft Office, Windows, use of portal.

CP 011 - Career Preparation: Hands on lab exploration - overview of 8 program areas

CP 012 - Career Preparation: Hands on lab exploration - in depth project